Piracy is more of ignorance than malice

Categories of copiers :

  • Most people are not aware of issues related to copying images. They just see something, know how to use a computer and copy away, blissfully ignorant.
  • There would only be a small percentage of people who “knowingly” copy images. Of those, many just use images for offline use and don’t re-publish and hence can’t be tracked.
  • A good percentage of the online re-publishers don’t realize that the images can be tracked. A lot of people believe in anonymity on the internet and don’t believe they can ever be touched.

It is only a small fraction of people who are aware, yet choose to copy and republish. Those could be labeled as malicious. The rest are just ignorant.

If you have data around the piracy demographics, I would love to see it.
Of course any data is to be taken with a pinch of salt after the Climategate scandal.

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