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Why "TheBatchWatermarks"
It is intelligent (or does it have a sixth sense?)

The software automatically makes intelligent adjustments to font size, font color, opacity etc so that you don't have to struggle with such design issues. You are done in a few clicks. It's almost as if it has a Sixth Sense. Spooky? In a fun way.

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Our watermarks are gentle on your images

We understand that watermarking is not an end in itself. Your picture is the real deal, and the watermark is just something you need to get done before sharing it. Our software adjusts text on your images so that the beauty of your image is not compromised. Yet you get all the benefits of a visible watermark.

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Designed for casual users

We've designed the software to get you started and finished in a few mouse clicks. We understand that you don't want to spend your precious time and energy designing and adjusting watermarks for each photo.

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Image Resizer

This software can resize all your photographs so that they become more suitable for the web.

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Image Converter

Convert to popular web Formats.
Photos of multiple formats can be converted to any of the following formats:

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